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  • String Pocket - Green  : www.decorelo.co.uk
  • String Pocket - Green  : www.decorelo.co.uk
String Pocket - Green

String Pocket - Green



String Pocket – Green


The String Pocket – green is the smallest combination unit in the String Shelving range. It arrives in one box and comprises two green side panels for wall hanging and three green wooden shelves. It can be used as a stand alone bookshelf or shelving unit or it can be combined with one or more String Pockets to make a larger unit. It can also be incorporated into the larger and awesomely versatile String Modular Shelving system. In other words, it can grow with you and your family as you go through life.


Easy to assemble and hang, it’s just as easy to take down again, making the String Pocket – green perfect for students and anyone whose job keeps them on the move.


Dimensions: 50 cm high, 60 cm wide and 15 cm deep.


Designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning, a Swedish architect and forerunner of what we now call the modern Scandinavian style, this iconic shelving unit won a Gold medal at the prestigious Milan Trienniel in 1954. The String Pocket – green allies form and function so that they are practically inseparable. It is timelessly unpretentious with an endearing go-anywhere/suit-any-style insouciance cheerfully evoked by its charming and individualistic green colour. A classic, proving the Swedish company’s claim –


String – modern since 1949.

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