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Bird Feeders Buying Guide

Global warming and modern farming practices are having a devastating effect on our native wild bird populations. Starlings alone have declined by four fifths since 1979. In one single year – 2011 to 2012 – the prevalence in our gardens of long-tailed tits has fallen by 33%. This is undeniably sad and deeply worrying.

But what can you as an individual human being do about it?

You could start by putting a bird feeder in your garden. Not only will you be doing your bit for the natural world – you’ll also be fascinated by the feeding frenzies of our feathered friends. They truly are a delight to watch.

Birds particularly need a little help during harsh winters when wild food is unavailable or hard to get. Another crucial time for wild birds is in May and June when the chicks are fledgling.

At Decorelo we stock an exceptional range of elegant and functional designer bird feeders. Even without the birds, they are sculptural and aesthetically pleasing.

Nowadays, bird feeders come with squirrel proof options and some incorporate nesting balls. The squirrel proof option is useful if you live near woodland, and the nesting ball comes in handy if you don’t live near any trees or other nesting sights.

The domestic cat is a scourge of all smaller creatures – and birds are no exception. Site your bird feeder at least two meters above ground level and beware of placing it near anything from which a cat can leap – with mortal consequences.

It’s a good idea to put your feeder close to a window – the birds soon adapt to human proximity, and they provide a constant source of living entertainment. If you watch them for long enough you learn to distinguish between individuals of the same species – they really do have their own characteristics, just like people!

Treat your feathered friends and enjoy in return their rewarding antics. They are blissfully unaware of their falling numbers – it’s up to you to do your bit to help to reverse that trend.

At Decorelo all our designer bird feeders are made from the very finest of materials and come with comprehensive instructions.

Show you care.




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