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A Buyers Guide to Clocks

Clocks and civilisation are intimately bound together. It is difficult to conceive of one existing in the absence of the other.

It was in Ancient Egypt that the concept of time and its measurement first became important to us. Worshippers of the sun, the Egyptians measured the progress of the shadow it cast – and hey presto the sundial was born.

This remained cutting edge technology until the invention of the Clepshydra, or water clock, by the Greeks - and this development was swiftly surpassed by the hourglass

Clockwork was a twelfth century revolution akin to our own digital age – but these precision instruments were not originally used for the mundane task of telling the time. Clocks were pieces of complex scientific equipment employed by astronomers to measure the movement of the planets in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Universe.

It wasn’t till its appearance in Cathedrals two hundred years later that the clock began its journey to contemporary cool. The rich and the aristocratic clamoured to clock makers to commission them. Costing about the same as a prestige car in today’s currency, the not-so-humble clock became an object of desire in every castle and palace in the civilised world.

With the passing years, and ever increasing affordability, their use has snow-balled, spawning the diverse array of clocks currently available - and the clocks themselves have continued to evolve. Analogue displays have been supplemented by trendy, digital ones; and the clock’s inner workings can be mains or battery driven. With so many out there it’s comforting to know you’re being offered the very best that money can buy.

That’s where we come in. Here at Decorelo we’re proud to present a superb selection of designer clocks, wall clocks and alarm clocks – all at the most competitive of prices. Whatever your style - minimalist, traditional, boutique, glam or retro - browse through our fantastic range and you’re bound to find the clock that’s perfect for you.

Available in all sizes and colours from top designer brands like Alessi, Kartell, Innermost, Normann Copenhagen and many more – our clocks have been expertly selected to marry functionality with aestheticism, practicality with style; and science with art. They are cool and cultured – not only do they tell the time, they also make a significant life-style statement.

Show the world how civilised you are. With a selection and service second to none, Decorelo will not disappoint.


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