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A Complete Guide to Buying Dining Room Furniture

It is hard now to believe but dining in was originally the sole preserve of men. Set meals taken together helped facilitate in our monasteries regular prayers to the glory of God.

Yet there remains something uniquely human and spirit lifting about communal eating. Perhaps it’s because food and conversation together bring out the very best in each other. Certainly, history is full of political intrigues and passionate affairs instigated at the dining table. Who knows what might happen at yours?

That’s why it’s important to think about the style of dining furniture that will suit your home, your personality and your taste. At Decorelo we stock a superb selection of tables, chairs, side-boards, bar stools and trolleys – all from the finest design houses and internationally renowned designers, and all at the most competitive of prices.

Because we want your home to look beautiful, we have included here a simple guide to what you should bear in mind when purchasing dining furniture.


1. What’s your style?

It’s all here in our comprehensive collection at Decorelo – coloured poly carbonate, sturdy wood with a lacquered high gloss finish and coloured or clear glass. Whether your look is uber minimalist or boutique glam, we have every finish in all styles and every size of table – seating from 2 to 14.


2. Will it suit my room?

Glass and high gloss tables are the ultimate in ultra modern designer cool. De rigueur in industrial conversions and modern flats, sadly they’re not as compatible with mum’s cast off pine dresser and fluffy faux ‘fifties throws from your local market. (Although a young London designer has recently mixed translucent glass to spectacular effect with driftwood!)

Take time to think about what you want and what will go. Then take a little bit more time. This may well be a once in a lifetime decision.

Our tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes – square, rectangular, round and oval. Many are extendable – useful for those special occasions like Christmas.

As a general rule, you need to allow about 90 cm in every direction around your table to allow room for your guests to be seated. Any less and there’ll be bumped elbows and spilt soup.


3. Is it quality?

With Decorelo you need not concern yourself with this. We don’t stock anything but the very best.


4. Choosing chairs.

Once you’ve decided on the style you want – whether matching or contrasting – your next consideration is comfort. Wood is great; a numb bum is not. Is padding available? Is it washable? Or are you just going to give Grandma a cushion?


5. To have or to have not – a sideboard, dresser or trolley?

Indispensable for the storage of those essential dining accoutrements – glasses and cutlery and a lot more besides - the reliable old 70's must-have is coming back with a vengeance.

Alternatively, a trolley provides a mobile unit for keeping all your essentials together.

Remember: you will need to factor in the extra space needed for when you open the doors of sideboards and dressers.


To live well is to eat well. With dining room furniture that makes a statement, that is both functional and pleasing to the eye, even a simple snack can have the appeal of a full-on banquet.


Bon appetit!





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