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Lighting Buying Guide

How to be your own lighting designer

The way we light our homes is as important as how we furnish them. A good designer light can make a crafted artisan home look high end of the market - and a bad one can ruin the most expensive and elegant of interiors.

That’s why we’ve included this simple introduction. We want you to make the best of your home.


Interior lighting breaks down into three separate categories:


Accent, and:

Task lighting.


Ambient lighting comprises the aesthetic interplay of luminescence from ceiling pendants, wall lights and table and floor lamps. Strategically placed mirrors also add to the ambience of a room.

Accent lighting is creative and dramatic. It is used to high-light a key feature such as a wall-hanging or an arrangement of plants.

Task lighting should be bright and utilitarian. It is typically used to illuminate a lap top or i-pad and is usually portable and flexible. Reading lamps are the most common form of task lighting.


From these three, basic ingredients can be created the perfect balance of flair, functionality and flexibility – with your personality shaping all three.

The next stage in your lighting design is to consider how the room will be used.    

Hallways should be warm and welcoming. If the ceiling is high enough to accommodate a pendant, splash out with a striking modern chandelier. A table lamp can be added for occasional, reinforcement lighting – think about reading the mail on a dark winter’s morning.

Staircases are best lit by a single or grouped arrangement of pendants at the top of the stairs. This creates a useful stair-defining shadow.

Kitchens and bathrooms generally benefit from fixed lighting.

Living rooms are the focal point of the home and are increasingly used for a wide range of activities. Provide matching supplementary lighting to facilitate and compliment these activities. Fixed overhead pendants are best fitted with a dimmer for those cosy, romantic occasions. Show off alcoves and other features; accent your books or CDs; and add flexible task lighting that can adapt itself to different uses – from reading a book to browsing on your smart-phone.

Dining room lighting demands task and ambient elements. You need to see what you’re doing yet retain the intimacy of sharing with friends and family. Pendants suspended over the table are the perfect solution. Dim them for coffee, cognac and conversation. Enhance them with wall lights and matching floor lamps.

Bedrooms have to be surprisingly multi-functional these days. A home office or study in a corner is by no means unusual and teenagers regard them as de rigueur. Treat these as separate, individually lit areas with flexible task lighting. More traditional bedrooms benefit from fixed reading lights, but matching bedside lamps are an excellent option requiring no wiring. A matching ceiling or pendant light completes the design and, fitted with a dimmer, adds an extra portion of restful calm.

The way we light our environment has been crucial to us as a species for centuries. It’s acknowledged as affecting our moods and our health. Here at Decorelo we stock the world’s most desirable range of designer lighting products available at the most competitive of prices.

All light fittings must be installed by competent persons in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations.



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