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String Furniture Buyers Guide


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The String Modular Shelving system is both attractive and functional. It comprises a wide range of components or modules enabling you to build your own, unique wall shelving or wall storage system – which can be added to and extended as you go through life and your needs change and develop.


The String system was designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning (1917-2006), the Swedish architect considered by many to be the forefather of what we now call the Scandinavian style. Strinning and his wife, Kajsa, developed the idea in response to a competition launched by Bonnier’s Publishing House to find a functional and affordable solution to the post-WWII boom in books, especially among young people (the term teenager had yet to be coined). Capturing the optimistic, striving and individualistic spirit of the age, this iconic shelving system has a unique, timeless appeal. What’s more, it is available with a comprehensive range of stylish and useful modular add-ons, including cabinets, drawers and even a folding table. Easy to assemble – you can just as easily take your String down and take it with you if you have to move.


There is also the popular String Pocket range. These fun yet functional “entry” or “starter” packs are an affordable in-one-box shelving system that perfectly match the slightly larger String modular shelving system. These come in a range of funky colour options including green and Cobalt Blue.


String’s award-winning shelving systems can be used anywhere in the home or the office. Not to mention the garage, loft – or even the stables. Their variability is one of their greatest virtues. Artist’s studios, beachcomber’s huts, writer’s retreats, guys’ garages – String Shelving presses all the right buttons wherever you want it to go. Simple of form and inherently functional, String Shelving also satisfies an aesthetic desire for proportion balanced with detail. In other words, it is beautiful (but you can tell that yourself just by looking).


A winner from its very inception, String Shelving took a Gold at the Milan Trienniel in 1954 followed by a string (no pun intended) of awards across Europe and the United States. It was exhibited at Swedish Love Stories in Milan in 2010, and is more popular now than ever.

String – modern since 1949.  


The modules are made from powder coated steel or wood veneer (except the plastic Bowl Shelf). Stylish yet utilitarian, they have a universal appeal and look fabulous with any style of decor.


The modules making up your String Shelves are themselves available in a wide range of colours and finishes, making them even more unique to you. Easy to assemble, they can just as easily be taken down again if you have to move. And as your needs change and develop, you can easily add more shelves to keep up with the pace. Just the job for growing families and expanding businesses!


Designing your own String system couldn’t be easier. First of all decide whether you want your unit to be floor standing or wall hung. Floor standing panels are 30 cm deep and come in three heights (200 cm, 115 cm or 85 cm), all allowing for a maximum skirting board height of 12.5 cm. All side panels are expertly powder-painted in your choice of black, grey or white.


Wall panels are 75 cm high and either 20 cm or 30 cm deep.


All side panels – wall and floor - come in packs of one or two.


Now you need to decide how many side panels you’re going to need – so measure your space. Bear in mind that the shelves are either 58 cm or 78 cm wide, and all other modules are 78 cm wide.


As an example, your usable shelving space measures four metres. This means you could fit a maximum of five tiers of 78 cm wide shelves into your unit and you would need six side panels to accommodate them.


Shelves from String are supplied in packs of three. There are two widths – 58 cm or 78 cm - and the shelves come at two depths – 30 cm or 20 cm. Shelves are available in the following veneers/colours – birch, walnut, oak, white, black, grey.


As well as shelves, the other modules to individualise your String Shelving system are –


Bowl Shelf – perfect for displaying plants. In white ABS plastic with three compartments it measures 78 cm wide by 30 cm deep.


Magazine Shelf – 78 cm wide by 30 cm deep. In powder-coated steel – black, white or grey.


Magazine Shelf Wood. Size as above but made from wood and available in the following veneers/colours – birch, walnut, oak, white, black or grey.


Work desk. This handy 78 cm wide computer/ writing desk has a depth of 58 cm. In birch, walnut, oak, white or grey.


Folding Table. Fold it down when not in use. 78 cm wide and 96 cm deep, it comes in these five tabletop/leg veneer and colour options – birch/white, walnut/white, walnut/black, oak/white, white/white.


Cabinet/sliding doors. 78 cm wide and 30 cm deep, it is 42 cm high. Available in – birch, walnut, or oak veneer; or in white, black or grey.


Chest/two drawers. 78 cm by 30 cm by 42 cm high. Veneer/colour options are – birch, walnut, oak; white, grey or black.


Display cabinet/ glass sliding doors. 78 cm by 30 cm by 42 cm high. This module has glass sliding doors with the cabinet frame in either birch, walnut, or oak veneers; or coloured in grey, black or white.


Filing Cabinet with two adjustable shelves. Invaluable storage measuring 78 cm wide by 32 cm (the door handles stand slightly proud) and 77 cm high. In white or in oak only.


String Modular Shelving is a bespoke system restricted only by your imagination. Made in Sweden to exacting standards, it is appreciated all over the world and has won many awards including a Gold medal at the prestigious Milan Trienniel in 1954 and, in 1999, the Swedish Svensk form prize.


Nils Strinning is widely regarded as one of the forefathers of what we now call the Scandinavian Style. String Modular Shelving satisfies the inventor’s hunger for function but tempers it with the aesthetician’s need for proportion and detail. Note the integrated hanging holes on the side panels and how the stainless steel shelf hanging brackets are stamped with the String logo – pure class. Once you’ve designed and built your own individual String Shelving system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.





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