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Lighting Alternatives: Understanding Solar Power

With the cost of energy continuing the rise, families are always looking for ways to reduce costs. One way to reduce cost, and helping the environment by saving natural resources, is using solar energy as a source of power. Solar power can be used to heat or cool buildings as well as provide a natural source of energy. As consumers look for ways to “go green”, solar power will be more prevalent.



By using the heat of the Sun, energy is collected through solar panels. This energy is saved and can be used to supplement existing energy supplies or be the sole source of energy. Generally, the energy panels are installed on the roofs of homes and use the direct rays of the Sun to power the building.

While installation of the solar powered systems are expensive which are paid up front, the benefits are long term. Without the dependency on utilities, homeowners save on the monthly expense to light, heat and cool their homes. While using solar power in the home has benefits as well as some disadvantage, the savings in energy costs could amount to thousands of dollars over the course of a year. But, more importantly one of the biggest savings is that of the environment!


Basics of Solar Power

  • Solar Power Information – Helpful information from National Geographic on how solar power can be converted to energy.
  • Solar Power – Simple explanation on how solar power functions in the household.
  • Facts About Solar Power – Useful page with a number of interesting facts about solar power and energy.
  • Home Solar Panels – Basic information about solar panels and how they function in generating energy.


Benefits of Solar Power


Household Applications

  • Consumer Guide (PDF) – Brochure explaining the household uses and benefits of solar power.
  • Solar FAQ’s – Helpful listing of several common questions on solar power in the home.
  • Home Solar Energy – Information on home solar energy with help for people who want to do it yourself.


Solar Power and the Environment

  • Solar and the Environment – Guide to the environment and how solar power can help save natural resources.
  • Environment and Solar Energy – Informative government page showing how energy use and the environment are tied together.
  • Solar Energy – New York Times article discussing the importance of using new technology as a source of energy.
  • Environmental Benefits – Helpful web page giving information on the many benefits of solar on the environment.
  • Environmental Effects – Useful information on the effects on the environment of solar power.


Kids and Solar Power

  • Solar Energy for Kids – Informative page aimed at kids to help teach them about solar power and its uses.
  • Energy and Kids – Helpful information for kids on solar energy and how it functions.
  • Solar Energy – A helpful collection of information, videos, games and more to help kids learn about solar.
  • Solar Energy for Kids – Basic information for kids to help teach them about alternative energy methods and the saving of the environment.


Solar Power Resources

  • Solar Energy Resources – Informative site from the U.S. Department of Energy providing information on solar.
  • Energy Resources – Helpful page providing a number of useful solar resources.
  • Solar Energy Resources – Useful site with many resources covering various aspects of energy using the power of the Sun.
  • Alternative Energy – Site providing information on various types of alternative energy sources such as the Sun, wind and water.
  • Solar Links and Resources – Various sites are listed covering a number of areas of solar power and energy usage, and how it affects the environment.


We hope that this article has provided you with helpful information on the benefits of solar energy and how it functions in the home. Please feel free to refer to this article as often as you like.


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